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WBC Camp Assiniboia Weekend

16-18 January, 2015

Friday 16 Jan  - Arrival 6.30pm (Rehearsal - 7.15pm)

Departure Sunday 18th Jan - 2pm

EMERGENCY CONTACT #:  204 229-3446 (Mike Sorobey) 

Singers Must eat Supper before arriving on Friday!

Supply guidelines
* Please label belongings as appropriate*



Indoor Clothing:

In addition to whatever clothes and pyjamas your son needs for two nights at camp, please make sure he has:

  • 1 pair of slippers or indoor shoes. 

          *Singers wishing to play floor hockey must have shoes*

  • Extra socks and underwear


  • Heavy socks for outdoors (and an extra pair)

  • 1 warm sweater, hoodie etc. in case it’s chilly indoors

(Extra everything if conditions are slushy or he’s one who tends to get wet regardless)
Outdoor Clothing:
Please make sure that your singer has appropriate clothing to allow him to spend several hours outside in comfort, whatever the weather; this is not the time to accept his claim that he doesn’t need boots. Pack snow pants, a hat, and extra mitts.  Boys who come without appropriate clothes for January in Winnipeg will not be able to participate in outdoor activities and will miss out on a lot of fun.
Sleeping necessities and toiletries:


  • Sleeping bag

  • Pillow

  • Toiletries as needed – toothbrush/toothpaste, deodorant, hand towel, etc.








As we have a singer with environmental allergies, please make sure toiletries are unscented.


  • Bears, etc - as needed

  • Medications if and as needed; instructions for same

  • Optional:  board game, playing cards, homework, book







Personal Electronics and expensive or valuable items should be left at home.

Please do not bring these items.

Camp Address + coordinates:

Address: 2220 Lido Plage Rd
Cartier, MB R4K 1A3
Telephone:(204) 864-2159

Coordinates:    49.861891,-97.498426

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