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Singers are chosen by auditions, normally held in June and early September. Boys are asked to sing a song of their choice for the directors.  This is followed by some vocal exercises and ear tests, such as repeating clapped rhythms, matching pitches and repeating short sung melodies.  Parents are welcome to stay in the room for the audition.  Singers are chosen based on their voice quality, listening skills, love of singing, and demonstrated ability to focus, follow direction, and work with others as shown in the audition.


The Winnipeg Boys’ Choir consists of three choruses—Treble Chorus, Chamber Chorus, and Senior Chorus—which are divided based on experience, ability, and type of voice, and which perform both together and separately, as opportunities arise.


The choir rehearses on Tuesday evenings from early September to late April, with breaks roughly corresponding to school breaks.


Bursaries are available for singers with financial need.  Application for bursaries should be made after a successful audition.


For returning singers, or for new singers after a successful audition, you can download a registration form here, or use our online registration form.


(Registration forms due at the first rehearsal).


First Fee payment is due last Tuesday in September.



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